The Department of Interactive Media (IMD) aims to nurture our students to be the next generation of communication professionals poised to harness the latest digital media technologies to effectively deliver intended messages to target audiences with interactive and engaging contents on diverse media platforms.

Drawing upon over twenty years of consolidated experience of delivering courses related to game design and interactive application, computer animation, and visual communication, the department proudly launches the Game Design and Animation programme, which is the first-of-its-kind in Hong Kong tertiary education, to provide a distinctive curriculum to empower our students to unleash their creative potentials to produce contents for the emerging digital media that are highly interactive and shared virtual environment.

The IMD curriculum provides a coherent learning experience for students to build their foundation from the principles and theories of communication through School-based core courses up to the in-depth professional knowledge in immersive interactive and animated content development through advanced studies in game design and animation courses. Moreover, students can broaden their liberal perspectives through a set of elective courses offered by the Department of Music, Department of History, and Department of Humanities and Creative Writing. Armed with the professional knowledge and communication principles, our students are not only highly competitive in the game design and animation industry but also able to embark on various challenges of the dynamic and vibrant digital media world.

The department has a diverse team of faculty consisting of professional experts in game design and animation industry and internationally renowned scholars in the areas of social media, media literacy and psychology, social communication and interaction, artificial intelligence, and data analysis. The IMD faculty’s unique diversity offers our students a holistic and distinctive learning experience that nurtures them to be the next generation of communication leaders and experts who will lead, innovate, and thrive in the global media world.



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