Programme-based Admission

Programme in the 4-year curriculum requires 128 units for graduation, which is distributed into seven key components: School Core Courses, Major Required Courses, Stream Required Courses, Major Elective Courses, University Core Courses, General Education Courses, and Free Electives as follows:

School Core Courses 9
Major Required Courses 52
Stream Required Courses 9
Major Elective Courses 12
University Core Courses 13
General Education Courses 18
Free Electives 15
Total 128
Programme-based Admission
School Core Courses 9 units
COMM1015    Studies in Communication, Media, and Journalism 3 units
COMM2035    Communication, Ethics and Law 3 units
Choose one from the following three courses:   
COMM2036    Media Design and Digital Applications 3 units
COMM2026    Human Communication 3 units
COMM2027    AI and Digital Communication 3 units
Major Required Courses 52 units
GAME2008-9    Practicum I 0 unit
GAME3008-9    Practicum II 0 unit
GAME1005    Fundamentals of Animation for Game Design and Film 3 units
GAME1006    Transcultural Studies of Game 3 units
GAME2005    Drawing Fundamentals for Game Design and Animation 3 units
GAME2006    Fundamentals of Programming for Game Design and Animation 3 units
GAME2007    Game and Animation Production Workshop 3 units
GAME2015    Game Narrative and Storyboarding 3 units
GAME2016    Mathematical Foundation of Game Design and Animation 3 units
GAME2017    Transcultural Studies of Animation 3 units
GAME2025    Visual Communication 3 units
GAME3005    2D Platform Game Programming 3 units
GAME3006    Body Mechanics 3 units
GAME3007    Game Art and Visual Expression 3 units
GAME3045    Honours Project Preparation Workshop 1 unit
GAME3047    Generative AI in Creative Practices 3 units
GAME4005    Character Design and Rigging 3 units
GAME4045    Digitally Mediated Communication 3 units
GAME4898-9    Honours Project in Game Design and Animation I & II 6 units
Stream Required Courses 9 units
For Advanced Animation stream:
GAME4016    Lighting, Rendering and Style 3 units
GAME4017    Motion Graphic Design 3 units
GAME4025    Performance Animation 3 units
For Advanced Game Design stream:
GAME4006    3D Game World Programming 3 units
GAME4007    AI for Game Design 3 units
GAME4015    Game Physics, Dynamics, and Simulation 3 units
Major Elective Courses 12 units
Offered by the Department of History
HIST3406    Information Technologies and Quantitative Methods for Historical Studies 3 units
HIST4326    Science and Society: A Historical Perspective 3 units
Offered by the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing
HUMN2016    Performing as Human Experience 3 units
HUMN3005    Artistic Creativity and Aesthetics Awareness 3 units
HUMN3026    Creative Industries: Theories and Practices 3 units
Offered by the Department of Music
MUSI1037    Music Technology for Media 3 units
MUSI3066    Music and Media 3 units
MUSI3097    Music Design and Programming for Video Games 3 units
MUSI3105    History and Analysis of Game Scoring 3 units
Offered by the Academy of Film
FILM2045    Art History 3 units
FILM3006    Film Sound 3 units
FILM3016    Non-fiction Film 3 units
FILM3076    Screen Acting Workshop 3 units
FILM3077    The Art of Documentary Film 3 units
FILM3085    Film Music and Sound Design 3 units
FILM4006    Advanced Experimental Image Processing 3 units
FILM4016    Internship 0 unit
FILM4046    Advanced Cinematography 3 units
FILM4065    Art Direction 3 units
FILM4066    Visual Effects Workshop 3 units
Offered by the Department of Interactive Media
GAME3015    Sound Design for Game and Animation 3 units
GAME3016    Game Design: Theories and Research Methods 3 units
GAME3017    Interactive Graphics 3 units
GAME3025    Motion Capture for Game and Animation 3 units
GAME3026    Online Media Management 3 units
GAME3027    Traditional and Experimental Animation 3 units
GAME3035    Transdisciplinary Theory of Game Design 3 units
GAME3036    Virtual World: Design and Interaction 3 units
GAME3037    Visual Aesthetics and Narrative Presentation 3 units
GAME3046    Location-based Storytelling and Game Design 3 units
GAME4026    Creative Production in Extended Reality 3 units
GAME4027    Facial Animation 3 units
GAME4035    Game Cultures and Ethics 3 units
GAME4036    Game Economy: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology 3 units
GAME4037    Japanese Animation and Games 3 units
University Core 13 units
General Education Courses 18 units
Free Electives 15 units
Graduation Requirement for Game Design and Animation Major 128 units