Ms SO Wai Yi Zoie 

Senior Lecturer

MFA in Studio Arts: Open Media (Concordia University, Canada)
MSc in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology (CityU, HK)
BACM (School of Creative Media, CityU, HK)
(852) 3411-8341
CVA Room 936E

Zoie So is an artist, teacher, Programme Director of the Bachelor of Communication (Hons) in Film (Animation and Media Arts Concentration) programme, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Interactive Media at the Hong Kong Baptist University.

Zoie graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Media from City University of Hong Kong in 2004 and then went on, with the support of several scholarships and art grants, to complete her Master of Fine Arts degree in Studio Arts: Open Media at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, in 2008. She had been teaching at the Visual Studies Department, the Lingnan University of Hong Kong for twelve years before joining the Hong Kong Baptist University in August 2022.

Zoie has been practicing studio art for more than twenty years, and more recently investigating how to integrate her postgraduate studies in material engineering into her creative practice. This has led to an exploration of the effects of state-of-the-art technical potential on human experience. Zoie’s work features the spheres of innovative materials, light art, electronic art, mechanical design, digital graphics, and programming at interplay, communicating to yield sculptures, multimedia installations, and performances of diverse nature. Her works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Montreal, Ottawa, Milan, Ptuj, Geneva and Ålvik in various media arts events and programmes. Her innovative project City Fenestration was granted a Hong Kong Short-term patent and filed for a China Invention patent in 2020. Her video installation Glimpses was exhibited in This Slow-That Fast: Animamix Biennale 2013-14. Her public sculpture Photosynthesis in Motion was commissioned by the Tamar Public Art Project at the government headquarters. More about her art projects can be found at

Research interests 

Interactivity, Materiality, Embodiment and Participatory Design
Digital Media and Narrativity, Location-based Storytelling and Games
Transdisciplinary practices: Material Science, Digital Technology and Media Art


So, Z. (2014). Affording Creativity and New Media Possibilities. In Design, User Experience, and Usability. Theories, Methods, and Tools for Designing the User Experience (pp. 675–685). Springer International Publishing.

Selected Art Presentations

City Fenestration (Soft-Views), Group Exhibition and Artist Talk, AiR Kunstnarhuset Messen, Norway, 2019.

Distortion, Group Exhibition, Hong Kong International Photo Festival, 2016.

Aqua Muse, Solo Exhibition and Artist Talk, Ottawa School of Art, Ottawa, Canada, 2015.

Weather Forecasting, Group Exhibition, Tracing Data, Writing Machine Collectives, Connecting Spaces, Hong Kong, 2014.

Glimpses, Group Exhibition, This Slow – That Fast: Animamix Biennale 2013-14, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (vA!) and Oi! of the LCSD, 2014.

Mediated Landscape, Group Exhibition, Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012, 2013.

Liquid Soap Display, Installation (Light Art), Group Exhibition, Maribor 2012, Art Stays 10 (Festival of Contemporary Art) Ptuj, Slovenia, 2012.

Photosynthesis in Motion, Public Art Project, Art Promotion Office, Tamar Park, Hong Kong, 2011.

Playing with Bubble Soap & New Media Experience, Artist Talk, This Happened... Interactive Design Seminar, Hong Kong, 2010.




City Fenestration (Soft-Views), The Innovation and Impact Fund (IIF) Entrepreneurship Programme, Faculty Stream, LU Research Committee, Hong Kong (October 2019 – July 2021)

In Search of the Peachland- An Art Exchange Project between Kam Tin (Hong Kong) and Busan (Korea), Teaching Development Grants (TDG Code: 102440), University Grant, Hong Kong (February 2015 – November 2015)

Wood Digit, CIAM Art Grant, Centre interuniversite des arts médiatiques, Montreal, Canada (April 2008 – December 2008)

Selected Awards

Inventor, Hong Kong Short-Term Patent (App.No. 32020013512.9) (August 2020).